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Detail Buku

Judul ‎ : ‎ Dare to Live your Life A Book for Millennials and Z Generations
Penulis ‎ : ‎Muhaimi Mughni Prayogo
Kategori ‎ : Self Development
Tebal ‎ : ‎109 halaman
Dimensi ‎ : ‎13cm x 19cm
Tahun Terbit ‎ : ‎2023
Penerbit ‎ : Piramida Akademi
ISBN ‎ : ‎

Deskripsi Buku

Millennials and Gen Z are the generations that will play a role in the future. Today’s changing times require people to adapt quickly. Such high demands for survival make the level of stress even sharper. As the next generation that faces millions of challenges, millennials and Gen Z need to recognize their potential, develop themselves positively, build supportive relationships, have mature career planning, be able to manage finances, be able to live healthy body and soul, and maintain the sustainability of life on our beloved planet. This book presents concise tips as a guide for millennials and Gen Z to adapt well in the future. In addition, being able to develop themselves in a positive and balanced way will lead them to the happiness that everyone is looking for in general. A wise and resilient generation can give birth to a bright future.

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